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    In 2015, Haptic studios designed this iconic café and homestore set under a brick archway along the coastline of Kent. Inspired by a mixture of Scandinavian architecture and traditional English beach huts, the interior features birch plywood forms in a series of pitched roof shapes, mimicking the cosyness of the beach hut.

    Both the café and shop feature on the ground floor, gazing out through wide arch windows to the harbour and sea beyond, with additional seating upstairs.


    Location: Kent, UK
    Products: RBM Noor
    Architect: Haptic

    "The architectural response draws from both its seaside location and Scandinavian ethos, with a series of pitched-roof volumes and surfaces, all created from a single material… They were designed to create more intimate moments in a very generous space. They draw from a seaside vernacular; beach huts and simple structures along the Kent coast, but also the intimate nature of Scandinavian cabins, which I find warm and inviting."

    For a Scandinavian inspired interior, the RBM Noor was an ideal choice for seating, with its minimalistic lines and distinctly Scandinavian appeal, it fits the aesthetic ideal perfectly. Haptic went for the Sky and Straw RBM Noor finishes, both classic Scandinavian colours.


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