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Textile and colour palettes tuned to convey the Scandinavian feeling

We are excited to introduce our first trend textile collection that highlights our Scandinavian identity. This year we have two distinct ranges:

Trend Collection_SENSE.jpg   Trend Collection_NEW FOLK.jpg

Sense – Embracing a mood of calmness with serene structures in lightly subdued colours. The sense of clarity and lightness provides a soothing impression. 
New Folk – Brings together the authentic feel through rich multi-coloured structures and woolen surfaces in vivid colours. The sense of warmth gives a homely and genuine feeling.

Communicating with colour

Interplay with materials 
Colour appears differently on various surfaces. It evokes a material´s character and individuality. It’s about colour composition and seeking to create harmonic but unexpected combinations for a Scandinavian feel, but with a twist.

Stimulates our senses
Colour and tactility communicate to our senses and stimulate the body and mind. Colour affects our emotions and can change our moods through the day. Colour can give energy and make us feel relaxed at home or at work.

Significant identity marker
Colour and material are storytellers and provide substantial identity to our products and our surroundings. We love to create colour stories by playing with our textiles and colours to express a Nordic identity.

Affect our surroundings
Colour and material play a crucial role in our products, influencing the product expression and the feeling of the environment. We want to inspire play and combine colours to bring a truly Scandinavian spirit to the workplace.

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